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– Are you tired of sacrificing your time to earn an income through traditional employment?

– Do you find yourself stressed out and exhausted on a regular basis?

– Are you filled with dread come Sunday afternoon knowing you have a full week of work ahead of you?

– Are you currently working ridiculous hours in a job you hate?

– Have you ever questioned whether there was more to life than what you’re doing?

If you answered YES to any of the above.. We Can Help YOU!

Creating an Online Business provides the flexibility, freedom and choice that we all deserve.

Unfortunately more than 85% of the worlds working population are in jobs that they hate. 

Many people are unaware that the digital space can be used to generate an income in absolutely any area of interest to them. Yes, you can do this too!

We are determined to help others identify their interests and passions and learning how to leverage it using the internet.

This is not just about replacing your traditional employment income and creating time and financial freedom.

This is about creating an online business to generate an income doing something that you actually love (whatever that may be!)

– Our role is to provide you with the training, tools, resources and ongoing support to help you set up your online business to allow you to earn an income in an area that you’re passionate about!

So Why Create An Online Business?…

Time Freedom

When was the last time you were able to do whatever you wanted, when you wanted?  Spending time being active outdoors or spontaneously booking a trip overseas to explore the world without having to check your annual leave balance. Having an online business means YOU choose when you want to work.



Financial Freedom

Are finances holding you back from living a life that you dream of? Are you wanting to create a life where you’re business continues to generate an income even while you sleep? Setting up an online business initially takes hard work and dedication, however, when done correctly, your new business could practically run on auto-pilot, generating an income while you’re out enjoying life.


Geographical Freedom

The daily commute to work and then spending the best part of your day in an office is a thing of the past. Having an online business provides you with the flexibility to be located anywhere in the world. Whether you choose to work from home or your local coffee shop or anywhere else for that matter, as long as you have a laptop and internet connection, the choice is yours. 


*DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notices at the bottom of this page.

Access over 6,356 online courses to choose from

Step-by-step training provided by industry experts. Regardless of age, education or experience, anyone can follow this program. People from all walks of life are utilising the education platform.

Earn while you learn

Our business system provides you with the opportunity to complete income producing activities while you are still learning. Regardless of whether you have your own product or service, we will teach you how to profit from your interests.



Support and Mentorship

Access our exclusive private community of like-minded individuals who are creating (or have already created) their business, you're never left feeling isolated! In addition, you will have your very own business consultant to discuss your situation and answer questions you may have. As well as, weekly live training and motivational coaching.



Hello and Welcome! Our names are Ana and Michael – Founders of United2Jam.

Let’s rewind and give you some background info on how and why we are even here..

Growing up we were both taught that it was normal to work hard, and long hours away from family was just part of life. Coming home stressed out, exhausted & just flat out hating life!

Now having our own family with 2 young children, we realised this wasn’t what we wanted to teach them.

It is important to us that we teach our children that they can earn an income doing something that they’re truly passionate about, whatever that may be.

We wanted the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world doing something that we actually love and not be tied to a traditional job where we were working for someone else.

We wanted to spend more time as a family creating new memories where we could go an adventures and be outdoors travelling the world whenever we wanted to and not when someone gave us the approval.

We realised that in order to break away from our traditional jobs with Michael as a Truck Driver and Ana as a Call Centre Team Leader, we needed to explore a different option.

This is when we discovered a free series of workshops that explained to us how we could achieve the life we wanted by taking advantage of the digital economy and creating an online business that we truly love.

We want to provide the same training that taught us everything we now know so other people can also break-free from traditional employment and starting living life on their terms.

We hope to connect with you more!

Ana & Michael

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Freedom Is At Your Fingertips

Starting an Online Business from scratch can seem overwhelming and quite frankly, scary! Get instant access to the free on-demand workshops that breaks it all down step-by-step


*This is our full disclaimer. Respect and Integrity are two core values of ours, therefore it is important to us that you read this disclaimer carefully so you know exactly where you stand:

Please note that individual results will vary and income success is not guaranteed. Our mission is to give you the online tools and education to help kick-start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. While our business system is proven by the genuine achievements of SFM members, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program because it all depends on your determination, hard work and ability to follow directions. The understanding needs to be in place that you will take full responsibility for your business.

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