Technology – There seems to be a misconception that you need the latest gadgets and equipment in order to run a successful online business. It can be helpful, however it certainly isn’t a necessity.

Prior to purchasing my new laptop, I used a second hand $300 laptop and my smartphone. As long as you have an internet connection, you really can do everything that’s needed to get the job done.

Time – I don’t have time. This is something I hear often from people who are interested in started an online business but are stuck on this idea that they’re extremely busy and there really isn’t a minute to spare.

I was guilty of this, I thought having 2 young children, a job and family commitments was the perfect excuse not to work on my goals in achieving time and financial freedom. Looking back now, I can hand on heart say this really was just an excuse that kept me stuck for years.

Once I started questioning this idea, I noticed I was spending way too much time watching tv and on my phone usually on social media. Doing things that were unproductive and gave me nothing to show for myself in the long-term.

It’s amazing how much time you find once you let go of the things that don’t serve you. I’ve now banned myself from watching tv and I limit the amount of time I spend on social media because it has no benefit to me or my future. This has allowed more time for me to work on my business where I’m seeing results so much faster purely because I have dedicated more time to it.

Consistency – Similar to going to the gym or starting a new healthy eating plan, the key is sticking to it.

Working out and eating a salad on one day but spending the rest of the month eating crap and watching tv, will not see any results.

Consistently eating clean majority of the time and exercising regularly will however see you achieving your weight loss or health goals in no time!

Having an online business in exactly the same. Every day is a new opportunity to chip away at your goals.

Some days I find myself low on energy and I might spend an hour on the business and spend the rest of the day with the family. It’s normal to have those days where you just can’t be bothered. But as long as you are doing something every day, you will see results. It might take you longer to achieve than someone working 12 hours a day on their goals however it will happen. You just need to be patient and consistent.

Determination – Without some level of determination you really can’t achieve anything in life.

Whether it’s to wake up and get yourself ready for the day, you’ve had some level of determination. Something motivated you. It’s easy to say I’m not feeling it today, I might just pass and stay in bed all day. You need to be driven by some sort of goal regardless of how big or small the goal is.

In 2014 just after I had my youngest daughter, I was extremely overweight. Within 12 months I lost 40kilos. I achieved this because I had a goal. I knew I wasn’t happy so I motivated myself to eat properly and exercise.

Running an online business is so much easier than what people think. It’s the belief that it’s too hard or not worthwhile that keep people stuck.

Breaking away from those beliefs is the hardest part in getting started.

So are you ready to break through those limiting beliefs and start creating the life you dream of? Click here to start now!

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