Previously working as a Call Centre Team Leader saw me coming home to my family completely exhausted and stressed out every day from Monday to Friday, with the weekends usually spent rushing around running errands that I couldn’t get done during the week because of work.

My children and partner didn’t get the best of me during the time I worked in a traditional job purely because I wasn’t happy.

Since September 2018 when we first got introduced to the idea of creating an online business, I now work from home since resigning from my call centre job in December 2018.

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I am so happy to have found this opportunity as I now make my family the priority and work around my children.

The biggest obstacle at the time when I made the decision to resign from my job was how we were going to make ends meet while our business was still in the early stages.

After sitting down with my partner, we realised that we could afford to live off his income while I concentrated on getting the business up and running.

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This certainly may not be a solution for everyone, however, the beauty of the six figure mentors training program is having the ability to do it at your own pace even while you are working in your current job. The program is designed so you can earn while you learn.

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