The most common reason for staying stuck is having those annoying limiting thoughts that it’s too hard, not knowing how to break free or that you’re not worthy of a life of absolute freedom and choice.

If I could give you one piece of advice my friend it would be to get out of your on way! Look passed the belief that you can’t change your life because you can!

All it takes is awareness that you are worthy of so much more in life and allowing that niggling feeling to take control. You know that inner voice that tells you every day that you’re worth so much more!

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For so long I jumped from one job to the next trying to find happiness but it wasn’t there, because I wasn’t serving my highest purpose.

My life purpose to serve others and inspire others to break away from a life of restrictions.

Growing up with both my parents working long hours, my brother and I were responsible for getting ourselves to school and back, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, whilst ensuring we got our homework done.

I promised myself that my children would never need to experience the same. I was going to be 100% present for them. Physically and Emotionally.

The pain I felt previously as I climbed the corporate ladder was because I could see myself living the same life that my mother did. Long hours traded for time with my family.

Creating an online business has provided me flexibility to work from home. I drop off and pick up my children from school. I cook dinner, get them bathed and read them a bedtime story. Without stress, anxiety or fatigue caused by work.

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There is no way this would be possible if it wasn’t for the Six Figure Mentors program that has taught me how to do it from scratch!

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Backing you 100%

Ana x