“For the part of you who knows, knows that you are in exactly the right place to do everything that you set out to do. For the part of you who knows also knows that deep down you know too.”

“You’re ready.”

“You know the next step.” – Light Is The New Black, Rebecca Campbell.

An amazing book that I honestly struggle to put down!

I felt I needed to share this message with you as it is so true and I only hope that you realise deep down, you already have all the answers to every question you have.

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Every dream, every desire can be made a reality by following that niggling feeling you have inside.

I had that feeling too! 5 months after deciding I’d stop ignoring that feeling and I am now living a life of freedom because I listened without judgement and allowed it to show me the way!

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Initially I didn’t know how I was going to achieve the freedom I yearned for when I worked as a call centre operator, but I knew that I needed to break away from my fears in order to find my way out.

Every time I would have previously said no, I said yes and this alone has allowed me to experience things within a short period of time that I never had before!

The fears and concerns I had didn’t stand a chance as I knew this is what kept me from living my life being completely happy.

My friend whatever you want your future to look like, make it a reality because you honestly deserve it and there’s a part of you that knows how to achieve it!

With love,

Ana x

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