Working long hours and climbing the corporate ladder was the norm for me not too long ago. I dealt with anxiety, stress and exhaustion just to achieve a promotion and move into a management position which only bought more overwhelm and unhappiness.

I was so confused why I felt so unfulfilled! I was taught growing up that climbing the corporate ladder meant success. But I didn’t feel successful. I felt trapped!

So naturally I thought something was wrong with me and I started watching motivation videos on youtube to try and improve my state of mind.

Years later, and more hours at work, it didn’t work! I felt pumped in the short term but it never lasted so I decided to change my approach.

I figured out what made me happy and what didn’t.

I love travelling with my family and going on random trips away. What didn’t make me happy was spending the day in the office and looking outside to a beautiful day wishing I was at the beach. Going on social media and seeing photos of other people’s holidays on beautiful tropical islands made it worse. I was hating life and I just wanting to be free!

Not knowing how to live that life of freedom, I decided to start looking at an option to be able to work from home. This led me to The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) which in my opinion is perfect for anyone who has no idea how to get started with an online business from scratch, after all this was me!

After starting the training and being introduced to the SFM community, I felt so supported and never once did I feel uncomfortable to reach out to someone if I needed help.

My biggest concern before starting the course was that I would be forced to sell something. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case! The course was purely to educate people who were getting started online being a “one stop shop” where everything from step by step videos for building a website, to education on how to effectively communicate with people was provided. Access to over 6000 courses meant I could upskill myself in areas that I wanted to focus on.

Since starting my training in September 2018, I resigned from my management position in December 2018 and I now work from home around my children and planning trips away left right and centre!

If you’re struggling where you are right now just start by exploring other options because there ARE other options to make a living!

Until next time,

Ana x

PS. If you want to access the free on-demand workshop that explains everything you need to know, click here!