When I came across these online workshops that explained what this whole online business opportunity meant, to be honest I still wasn’t sure on it.

I was filled with fear and skepticism, but I figured I had 3 choices.

  1. Go back to my call centre job or find a new job.
  2. Study something… didn’t know what, but that was an option.
  3. Listen to what this Stuart Ross fellow was talking about.

The first 2 options made me feel heavy hearted so I figured I really didn’t have anything to lose by watching the workshops, after all, they were free.

I battled the thoughts that came up that it was a scam or one of those pyramid schemes and that it was too good to be true.

As I proceeded with the training I realised that it was purely an educational course that would give me the skills I needed in order to move on to something I was actually interested in.

Stuart explained that there were endless amounts of choices available to earn an income online from:

  • Affiliate Marketing (promoting someone else’s product/service),
  • Ecommerce (purchasing physical products and selling it online),
  • Freelancing (selling my own product/service).

Regardless of what pathway I decided to go down, every one of these had one thing in common….selling.

So the course taught people how to become effective in selling. This was a relief to me.. I then realised that it was only one aspect of what was being offered. This course encouraged self-development, taught practical skills like setting up a website, creating blogs, finding physical products at a cheap price and the list goes on… everything I needed to get started online was being offered.

I decided to start with affiliate marketing because I don’t have my own product (as yet).

This would allow me to continue learning but also earn an income at the same time and eventually I will be moving onto my own eco-friendly clothing brand and selling it online. After all, I now know how to do this 😊

Not bad for someone who had no idea what an online business meant 5 months ago!

I hope this finds you well my friend.

Until next time.

Ana x