Hello and Welcome! It’s Ana and Michael here, partners and founders of United2Jam. We are so happy to have you here and we’re honoured to be able to tell our story.

What is United2Jam? Who are we?

We are a blended family of 4 – Our 2 girls are Jaida (9 years old) and Jordyn (4 years old).

Our business name symbolises our family being united followed by the first initial of each of our names: 2J – Jaida and Jordyn, A – Ana, M – Michael.

Family is everything to us and being able to spend more time together and have the freedom to travel, explore and create memories doing things we love is the reason we decided to break away from traditional jobs.

Ana grew up in Melbourne, Australia with her older brother and parents. Both her parents worked long hours and it wasn’t unusual for Ana and her brother to spend the weekends at their mother’s workplace.

During high school, Ana and her family moved to Queensland, Australia and after making the decision to start earning an income, Ana dropped out of high school at the age of 15 years old and started her first job packing food orders in a factory.

Ana struggled to find a career that she was happy in but becoming a single mother at the age of 19, Ana felt she had no choice but to work in a job to make ends meet.

In 2013, Michael and Ana met and soon after moved into a rental home together. 1 year later, Michael and Ana were expecting their second child and things became financially challenging as Michael struggled to find employment.

Ana continued working with a short break after the birth of her second child Jordyn, when she eventually became a call centre team leader working in a high-stress level environment where she struggled with anxiety, stress and overwhelm on a daily basis. Juggling motherhood, a relationship and household proved to be difficult however Ana was raised watching her mother do the same so assumed there was no other way!

Michael grew up in Wellington, New Zealand with his 2 younger siblings and parents. He watched his father working long hours away from home as a Truck Driver while his mum stayed home to raise him and his siblings.

In 2008, Michael and his family moved to Queensland, Australia where he struggled to find work.

Michael would pick up any work he could get in factories while working as security at clubs during the weekends.

After breaking up with his previous partner and reduced hours at work, Michael found himself homeless for almost 4 months where he lived out of his car. Eventually, a friend discovered this and provided support to Michael while he looked for permanent full-time work.

After meeting Ana in 2013 and becoming a father shortly after, Michael continued to struggle to find regular employment.

This created many challenges both financially and emotionally which ultimately led to a relationship breakdown where Michael and Ana were living in separate homes for almost 1 year.

Michael and Ana made a decision to reconcile and eventually, Michael followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a Truck Driver. 

This provided financial relief however, this resulted in Michael working 16 plus hours per day.

After years of hard work in jobs that they were both unhappy in, Michael and Ana made a decision to start exploring other ways to earn an income.

This was the beginning of their journey in learning about online business opportunities.

After receiving on-going training and support with the Six Figure Mentors in September 2018, Michael and Ana have built an online business from scratch where Ana now works from home.

Our mission is to inspire and support families who struggle with traditional employment and are sick of making work a priority over spending time with family. We are determined to educate others in creating a life of freedom and choice by taking advantage of the ever-growing digital economy.

Hope to connect with you soon! 

Michael, Ana & Our S J’s – Jaida and Jordyn x

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